Water Treatment Chemicals

Water treatment chemicals and materials fall into four broad categories, viz., chemicals used in the treatment process for coagulation and disinfection; disinfectants added with the intention of maintaining a residual in distribution, usually to the tap or pool; chemicals to inhibit corrosion of the distribution or plumbing system and; materials needed to filter out precipitates and residue from the incoming water or produced in the treatment process. TNN has a history of supplying the following water treatment chemicals and materials to our clients worldwide. We want to hear from you for any special requirements in this area.

Water Treatment Chemicals & Materials
Aluminum Sulfate Non Ferric (Powder/Liquid)
Anthracite Filter Media
Antifoam / Antiscalant / Biocide
Corrosion Inhibitor / Carbohtdrazide
Calcium Hypochlorite / Calcium Carbonate
Caustic Soda Prills / Flakes / Liquid
Calcium Chloride / Copper Sulphate
Ferric Chloride (in Bulk Tanker) / Ferrous Sulphate
Hydrated Lime (Tech&Food Grade), Quick Lime
Hydrazine Hydrate
Mono Ethylene Glycol / Di Ethylene Glycol / Mono Propylene Glycol
Polyelectrolyte / Poly Aluminium Chloride (Powder/Liquid)
Sulphamic Acid / Sulphuric Acid
Sodium Metabisulphite / Bisulphite / Sulphate / Bisulphate
Soda Ash / Sodium Bicarbonate / SHMP
Sodium Hypochorite / SDIC / TICCA Tablets / Tri Sodium Phosphate (TSP)